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I’ve been using VB.NET for about a year now (I was exclusively a C# developer before that) and one thing that always annoyed me was not being able to initialize my lists at the time that I declared them, the way I could in C#.  They added this functionality in VB 10, so this is how you do it:

Dim customers As New List(Of String) From {"Tom", "Bob", "John", "Lisa"}

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2 thoughts on “Building dynamic where logic in LINQ

  1. Anonymous

    Hi There – Can you let me know what myType refers to?



  2. Esteban Garcia

    Hello Marcus,
    In this case, myType would be whatever LINQ to SQL type you the predicate is acting on . So if you have a table called Product that you want to apply the dymanic logic to, that line would read:
    Dim predicate = PredicateBuilder.False(Of Product)()

    I hope that helps!

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