Changing Work Item Field attributes

Sometimes you have to change the attributes of a work item field in TFS.  For example, let’s say that when you created a field, you gave it a friendly name of  “ReferenceID” and now you want to add a space and name it “Reference ID”. Or maybe when you created it, you gave it a reporting attribute of “Dimension”, but it really should’ve been “Details”.  One way to do it would be to get rid of the field and re-create it, but the right way to do it would be to use the witadmin command with “changefield” option, so this would change the name of the field.  Note that the /n swithc is for the unique reference name.

witadmin changefield /collection:http://myserver:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection /n:MyFields.ReferenceID /name:”Reference ID”

There’s a bunch of options…you can see the documentation here:

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  1. vgaltes

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  2. vgaltes

    Hi Esteban,

    I would like to update the Field Type of a Work Item Type in my project. The TFS UI doesn’t allow me to do this. I’ve seen the witadmin documentation and I’m not be able to see this possibility, so I try to delete de work item field type and remake it. But I can’t because I have some Work Items of this type in the database. Do you know how can I do this without deleting all these work items?

    Thank you very much.


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