My Talk on Continuous Integration with TFS (including custom activities)

About 2 weeks ago, I did a presentation at Orlando Code Camp, titled “Continuous Integration with TFS”.  My goal was to show everyone how easy it is to get started with Team Build and how you can accomplish Continuous Integration out of the box, without any customizations.  Obviously, once you get your first taste of an automated build, you will want to customize it  and make it even more powerful for your team, so I also showed how to created custom build activities. 

You can download the materials here:

I only have 4 slides (2 of them with useful info) since I spent most of my time showing the Controller, Agent, Build Definition, and code.  The code for my custom activity is also included.  The premise is that you have a WPF application, and every time you build, you want a timestamp to be printed on an image. 


2 thoughts on “My Talk on Continuous Integration with TFS (including custom activities)

  1. John


    Any chance you could make your presentation available again please, the link is not working?

    Thanks. :o)

    1. esteban

      Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore. If you take a look at my Pluralsight course on TFS 2012 Automation, you can find sample build activities and build templates.

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