8 Days until Orlando Code Camp


Orlando Code Camp 2012 is right around the corner (March 31st) and the entire ONETUG team (John Smith, John Torrey (JT), Brian Mishler, Brian Hall, Zdravko Danev (Z)) has been hard at work coordinating the last few items to make this event a success again.  All of the big stuff is done:

  • Worked through all logistics with Melinda at Seminole State.
  • We had our bag-stuffing party last Sunday where we got all the sponsor flyers and swag into the attendee bags.
  • Ordered Code Camp t-shirts with a really cool design by Leon Terry.
  • Ordered speaker and volunteer shirts (green and orange this year).
  • Ordered lunch from Lou of Orlando.
  • Arranged with Dunkin’ Donuts for coffee
  • Wrapped up development on the Orlando Code Camp site
  • Duped John Papa into doing our keynote 🙂
  • Got the Orlando Code Camp WP7 app submitted and certified (Download here).
  • Sent lots of spam newsletters (more to come)
  • Sent communications to sponsors
  • Sent communications to speakers
  • Setup speaker party
  • Setup after party
  • Working on directional signs
  • Reserved UHaul van

And a whole lot of other stuff that we’ve been busy with.  We still have a few things to do such as buying a couple of prizes and the always fun “Sam’s run”, and of course setting up for the event really early on Saturday, but it really feels like all the big stuff is done and we should be coasting from here. Feels good and we are all really excited about it!

What should you expect in the next 8 days?  Emails, blogs, and twitter traffic about the event.  And then, on March 31st, be ready to be showered with knowledge and t-shirts.

This has been such a great group effort, which started around the end of October and I’m so happy to have such a dedicated group of people helping put this together.  From the ONETUG board to the volunteers that you’ll see at the event, it’s all truly appreciated.

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