Manual Testing and Automation with Visual Studio ALM (Microsoft Test Manager)

Today at 1 pm (Eastern) I am doing a Microsoft Webcast on Microsoft Test Manager, it is titled “From Manual Testing to Full Automation with Visual Studio ALM”.  Here is the description:

Microsoft Test Manager helps testers define and execute system test cases.  These tests can be executed as exploratory and scripted test cases and you can use action recording to manually re-play test cases in the future.  But it doesn’t stop there!
Coded UI Tests help your teams leverage manual test cases by automating them and then they can be added to automated builds and executed in a Virtual Machine that mimics your deployment environment.
We will cover the following:
– Create a test plan and test cases
– Create an action recording for a test case
– Convert your test case recording into a Coded UI Test
– Add assertions to the Coded UI Test
– Associate your Coded UI Test to a test case in MTM
– Create a test plan for with an associated lab environment
– Build, deploy, and execute test cases on your lab environment

So if you are interested in learning more about how MTM can help your team, you can register here:

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