Webinar: Continuous Integration with TFS

On Tuesday, September 3rd (and again on the 17th), I am presenting a Microsoft Webinar on Continuous Integration with TFS 2012. 

Register here: https://clicktoattend.microsoft.com/en-us/Pages/EventDetails.aspx?eventid=171397

Code -> Test -> Build -> Deploy.  As teams become more agile, there is a higher expectation to deliver quality software in shorter timeframes.  But how do you do that without affecting your productivity and sacrificing quality?
This session will cover the steps that you should go through to achieve deliver quality code as often as required by your business.  We will leverage TFS to orchestrate builds that include compile, unit tests, functional tests, code analysis, deployment, and more.

The webinar starts at 2:00 pm Eastern.

Interested in learning more about Visual Studio ALM?  Checkout my Pluralsight courses on Microsoft Test Manager and Team Foundation Server Customization.

One thought on “Webinar: Continuous Integration with TFS

  1. daniel

    ProcessParameters it gives you only the values that are different from the default values of the build definition

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