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Earlier in the week I talked about starting a new adventure. I started a new technology company called Nebbia Technology.  Nebbia Technology is a software company that specializes in Azure-based solutions and Application Lifecycle Management best practices.  I am putting together a team of top software professionals so we can build an awesome company here in Orlando.

I’m extremely excited about what the future holds for the company and for myself.  Those of you that have seen me out on the developer community organizing events, speaking, blogging, and more will probably see even more of me.  The company will be a big part of the Microsoft-centric community in Orlando (and throughout Florida) and the overall growing development and startup community that has formed in downtown.

I have a membership at Canvs, which is an awesome co-working space that opened up earlier this year.  There is a great energy and a lot of start-up activity so it’s great to be around this type of environment.

I believe in the power of Azure and I’ve built Nebbia from the ground-up as a Cloud-powered company leveraging Azure and Office 365, which will allow us to stay very flexible and lean as the company grows.  We don’t own any servers or rack spaces anywhere and we are very proud of that.

Of course, I’m best known for my ALM/TFS/VSO expertise and the company will have a big presence in the ALM community.

So what does this all mean?  If you are looking for awesome ALM consulting, looking to get the most out of your tools, you want to understand how to leverage Azure, or you are looking for a great software development partner, contact us at!

I look forward to connecting and partnering with you!

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  2. Greg Duncan

    It was awesome having you on! 🙂

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