Speaking at South Florida Code Camp

South Florida Code Camp 2015

This weekend I’m heading down to South Florida Code Camp to cover some of my favorite topics.  This is a great event that just keeps getting bigger and better every year and I really enjoy going down there.

My talks are:

8:30 am – Git with the Program: Succeeding with Version Control

Git is a very powerful version control system and fully supported as part of TFS, Visual Studio Online, and your favorite IDE. This session will take you thought key features of Git, the process that should be followed to adopt it and migrate your code from TFVC to a Git repository, the ideal workflow that you should follow to collaborate with your team effectively, and the tooling support that you get from Visual Studio 2013 and TFS 2013.


11:10 – TFS Build vNext

Come see the future of TFS Build, a completely revamped system that was recently announced at the Connect(); event.

2:40 – To The Cloud with Azure!

Learn how to leverage Azure to quickly plan, develop, and deploy applications. We will cover Azure websites, services, and managing Azure VMs for your Dev and Test scenarios.


I hope to see you there!!

One thought on “Speaking at South Florida Code Camp

  1. Jeff P.

    I had a great time again, and couldn’t believe how packed in people were for my sessions. Good times, and I can’t wait for next year. Let me know if you’ve got some monthly ONETUG spots open… I’m sure I can think of something to present!

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