Video: Getting started with Backlogs in Visual Studio Online

This is part 3 of a video series that will help you learn how to get started and use Application Lifecycle Management tools.  The videos are meant to be short and to the point to quickly show you how to perform specific tasks.  Be sure to check back often for more videos!

Last time, I showed you how to connect to a Git Repository hosted in Visual Studio Online.  Today, we are going to continue with the Team Project that we created and I am going to show you how to create Features and Product Backlog Items.  The video shows you how to create hierarchy relationships between a Feature and a PBI, reordering PBI’s, assign them, and size them.  Once we are done with the backlog, I show you how to manage PBI’s on a Board.

To learn more about Visual Studio Online and how it can help your team, check out my Pluralsight course titled Plan, Create, and Deploy to Azure With Visual Studio Online as well as my other courses.

Nebbia Technology partners with organizations to create software products that leverage Microsoft technologies while applying best practices in Application Lifecycle Management.

2 thoughts on “Video: Getting started with Backlogs in Visual Studio Online

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  2. Stephen

    Thanks very much. Very helpful for getting up and running quickly.

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