Visual Studio Online at Tampa Bay Microsoft Platform Developers group

On Monday, September 21st, I will be at the Microsoft office in Tampa giving a talk on Visual Studio Online:


Visual Studio Online provides your teams with a single, unified, and flexible collaboration environment with a full range of Application Lifecycle Management capabilities.  Whether your team is completely on the Microsoft stack or you are collaborating across multiple tech stacks, you can now easily and quickly have FREE private repositories for your codebase along with awesome Agile planning tools.

This session will show you how to get started with VSO, plan your work, get a choice of version control (Team Foundation Version Control or Git), and use the Build capabilities to compile, test, and deploy your applications.  We will deploy websites to Azure in no time and even compile an Xcode application, all from the Cloud.

I haven’t done a talk at the Tampa office in a while, I’m very excited to be back!

4 thoughts on “Visual Studio Online at Tampa Bay Microsoft Platform Developers group

  1. Brad

    Thank you for this. Found it helpful this afternoon knowing how to specify the custom test adapter path.

  2. Karthik KK


    Great article, it really helped !!!

    I have a question though.

    I am trying to set up Visual studio test using Test Agent task in vNext build definition and I am trying to run Specflow test (which actually has selenium UI Test in it)

    I dont know how the Specrun will be picked up and where should I specify the custom test adaptor ?

    Help is really appreciated.

    Karthik KK

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