Import a Git repository to VSTS

A few months ago, I blogged about moving a Git repo from GitHub to Team Services.  Since then, Microsoft has added an even easier way to import any Git repo into your VSTS account.  You can now import it directly from the Team Services:

From the Repository dropdown list, select Import repository

Enter the clone URL of your source repo, your credentials, and the name of your new repository

Click Import, wait a few seconds…


And success!



Your repository, including all history, and branches is now available in VSTS!

10 thoughts on “Import a Git repository to VSTS

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  2. Elizabeth Britton

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  3. Kishore

    i have tried providing require details to initiate code from external git repository to VSTS git but ending up with errors.

    Import request cannot be processed due to one of the following reasons:
    Clone URL is incorrect.
    Credentials are incorrect.
    Clone URL points to an empty repository.
    And also when i click on Import Repository and getting repository
    {“count”:1,”value”:{“Message”:”The requested resource does not support http method ‘GET’.”}}

    am i missing anything?Please help me in this regard.

    1. vamshi

      Hi Kishore, I ran in to the same problem that you have, did you find any solution?

      If yes, please let me know how to proceed?

      Thank you!

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