Join me at VSLive in Orlando!

This November, I will be back at Live! 360 in Orlando.  The conference runs from November 12th through November 17th at the Royal Pacific Resort.


I spoke there last year and I’m super excited that they invited me back.

You can check out the event details at, or go directly to sign up here:

I will have two talks:

VSW07 Creating a Release Pipeline with Team Services


9:30am – 10:45am

Teams go through an entire project without knowing if their applications work or compile anywhere other than a developer’s machine. It’s often thought that creating a Continuous build and release process is really difficult to do. By creating a robust Release Pipeline, you can reduce your team’s cycle time and increase your ability to have a healthy codebase.

We will use Team Services to create a continuous integration build and release process that will help you go from coding in Visual Studio 2017 to running your code in Azure in just a few simple actions. Your release pipeline with compile your code, run unit tests, create multiple Azure environments, run functional tests and load tests, and ensure that you have working and deployable software throughout your entire project.

You will learn:

  • About the build and release system in Team Services
  • About deploying infrastructure to Azure
  • How to create a reliable process that will help you build quality into your software development process
VSH15 Application Insights: Measure Your Way to Success


2:30pm – 3:45pm

Application Insights helps you monitor your live applications by giving you the tools to detect and diagnose performance issues, and getting insights into how your application is used. Once you deploy your application to Azure, it will be important to determine usage patterns, performance changes, response time metrics, and other key information to help you keep your application running efficiently.

This session will introduce you to Application Insights, how to get started using it in your new and existing applications, and how to harness its power by adding instrumentation with your own metrics.

You will learn:

  • Why getting metrics about your application is so important, especially in Azure


  • How to get started with Application Insights very quickly
  • How to discover metrics available on the Azure Portal

    Additionally, I will be part of 2 panels:

    Visual Studio Live! Panel: Native or Web – Does it Matter?


    11:00am – 12:00pm

    The web has won. Or has it? Come join Billy, Damian, Deborah, Esteban, Jeremy and your host Brian as we discuss where we’re at today when it comes to building, deploying, and managing “modern” applications. We’ll look at how the web seems to be the “go to” app model, yet native apps (on computers and devices) continue to be developed and pushed by vendors, including Microsoft. Is JavaScript all you need, or is there still a place for languages like C# and C++? Does any of this matter in the era of the cloud and DevOps? If you’re a developer, you’ve got your opinion as well, so come to this interactive panel where you can put your two cents in and hear honest feedback from our group of speakers.

    Next? Visual Studio Live! Networking Event 


    4:00pm – 5:00pm

    After a week of intense learning, what’s next for you and your current projects? Part Q&A with speakers and conference chairs and part peer exchange, you can use this time to network with your fellow Visual Studio Live! attendees and select speakers to discuss the best ways to move your projects to the next level.


About esteban

Esteban is the Founder and Chief Technologist at Nebbia Technology, an ALM consulting and Azure-powered technology company. He is a software developer with a passion for ALM, TFS, Azure, and software development best practices. Esteban is a Microsoft Visual Studio ALM MVP and ALM Ranger, Pluralsight author, and the president of ONETUG (Orlando .NET User Group).

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    Is there any way to remove old folders from azure? When I delete a folder from my local and deploy project, it is not removing from Azure.

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    […] Join me at VSLive in Orlando! – Esteban GarciaThis November, I will be back at Live! 360 in Orlando.  The conference runs from November 12th through November 17th at the Royal Pacific Resort. […]

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