Generating multiple versions of ClickOnce applications with Team Build

It is very common to have a need to run multiple versions of a ClickOnce application, each pointing to different environment (Dev, QA, Prod, etc).  There are plenty of resources on the web that show you how to do this manually (for example, this one:  Basically, you have to change the assembly name and the product name.  But what if you need to do it as part of your automated build in TFS?

Let’s start with what happens when you change these properties in the IDE…all these settings are part of the project file (YourProject.csproj).  The project file is just a big xml file that contains all the information that your project needs in order to build your application.  My first inclination was that I can tell Team Build to run the msbuild task with the the /p:AssemblyName=NewName switch, but this will only work if your solution only has one project in it, otherwise that switch will try to overwrite all your assemblies with that name, and of course you will run into invalid references and a broken build. 

So the next option is to add a custom build activity and make it part of your build process.  This may sound difficult, but it’s really straight forward.  Here is a nice series that takes you to the process of customizing Team Build 2010:

So assuming that you read that or that you know how the process works, this will make sense.  You need to start by creating a class library and you can start implementing your activity.  Here is how I did it:

  • I have two imput arguments: AssemblyFilePath, and NewAssemblyName.   Those two parameters should be set in the build template so that this activity know what to act on.  You could hard-code those values, but ideally, you are building your activities so that they can be reused by other build processes.
  • Use LINQ to XML to parse through the project file to find the AssemblyName element
  • Updated it and save the file again.
  • You then open up the build template and drop this activity right after the workspace has been created and the build does a GetLatest.
  • I don’t check in my changes, as I only want them to be applied to my build, so the code changes will be wiped out during the next build.
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Activities;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Client;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Build.Workflow.Activities;
using Microsoft.TeamFoundation.VersionControl.Client;
using System.Xml.Linq;

namespace Esteban.BuildTasks.Activities
    /// Updates the assembly name that will be generated when a project is built. 
    /// This is useful for click-once applications targetting different environments. 
    public sealed class ChangeAssemblyName : CodeActivity
        /// The path to the project file.
        public InArgument<string> ProjectFilePath { get; set; }

        /// Assembly name that should be used.
        public InArgument<string> NewAssemblyName { get; set; }

        /// The workspace that is used by the build
        public InArgument Workspace { get; set; }

        protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context)

            var projectFilePath = context.GetValue(this.ProjectFilePath);
            var workspace = context.GetValue(this.Workspace);
            var newAssemblyName = context.GetValue(this.NewAssemblyName);

            //Get the local project file.
            var localProjectFilePath = workspace.GetLocalItemForServerItem(projectFilePath);

            if (!string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(localProjectFilePath))
                //Clear the read-only attribute on the file
                if ((File.GetAttributes(localProjectFilePath) & FileAttributes.ReadOnly) == FileAttributes.ReadOnly)
                    File.SetAttributes(localProjectFilePath, File.GetAttributes(localProjectFilePath) & ~FileAttributes.ReadOnly);

                XDocument doc = XDocument.Load(localProjectFilePath);

                var assemblyElement = (from item in doc.Elements().Descendants()
                                       where item.Name.LocalName == "AssemblyName"
                                       select item).Single();
                assemblyElement.Value = newAssemblyName;

                throw new BuildProcessException("Project file was not found.");

910 thoughts on “Generating multiple versions of ClickOnce applications with Team Build

  1. Venkat Jarugula

    We can alos do this by updating the .application file using mage.

    Mage -Update MyApp.application -Name “MyAppDev”

  2. Atul

    Hi Esteban Garcia,

    Really good post, I am looking for something similar. I have created a custom build process template which I am using for ClickOnce publish. I got stuck into a scenario where i have to update the Assembly name base on argument I am passing in the build defination I don’t have any experience in creating TFS custom build actvity.Is it possible for you to please share if you have something ready and how to consume it within existing build process template?

    I really appreciate your help and thanks in advance. I am also fine and still appreciate your effort if you don;t want to share.

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    Fox Toolbox is one of the most popular solutions
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    How to convert a uint64_t integer into a char buffer

    I am working on an embedded system and I need a way to convert a uint64_t into a buffer.
    For purposes that this thread is NOT about I won’t be able to use a uint64_t for my buffer. I am required to use a uint8_t buffer.
    void print( const char * const s );

    char buffer
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    Pease – Impacto – Seductive – Depresso – Psychedelic
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    Detailing presets
    Flava – Bitoler – Technical – Cosmic
    These are special presets which amplify the frequencies important for the music, such as high frequency, modulation effects and sound damage.

    Dark Night Freq Tools
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    Multitimbral polyphony
    Overdrive and compression
    Voicing with filters
    The list goes on, but the important thing here is that Nemesis is a bit special since it offers too many useful and often forgotten tools to be ignored.
    Operator singing beats
    It’s a challenge finding the right sounds for some instruments and certain genre of music, that’s why i made this video to come up with an idea of what kind of sounds should be in a synth, such as U-He’s U-30.
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    For MAC:

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    For Windows:

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    Download the VLC plugin for youtube-dl here.

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    Bundles for gcc 4.8 can be downloaded separately.

    Version 2.2 includes fixes of various bugs.

    Version 2.0.0

    Added new OOP modeling.

    ASM code for MIPS processors was added.

    Implementation for openDF/c and CSP tools was improved.

    Version 2.0.8 – 2019-08-22

    FFTW library was added for optimization of Fast Fou
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