Speaking at Jax Code Camp

This weekend I will be speaking at Jacksonville Code Camp.  This will be my second time speaking there…I was there last summer and they put together a great event. 

I will speaking about Continuous Integration with TFS. If you come to my talk, these are some of the things that I will cover:

  • Continuous Integration concepts
  • TFS Build components
  • Automated builds
  • Unit testing with Team Build
  • New Workflow-based templates
  • Custom activities

And much more.  This is one of my favorite subjects, so bring your questions and I’ll keep the talk fun and flexible.

There are some great talks on the schedule, so no matter what you are looking for, you are bound to find something that interests you. 

Three of us from AgileThought are coming up to Jacksonville and you can catch their talk, here’s some info on Nikita’s blog.

10 thoughts on “Speaking at Jax Code Camp

  1. batman007

    Thanks Esteban! I attended your talk in Jax, and learned more at your code camp than I could have imagined. Looking forward to your next code camp.

  2. batman007

    Great meeting you Esteban. I learned more than I could have imagined from your talks. Looking forward to next code camp!

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