TFS Server-side event handlers

TFS has had an event system since it’s first version, but prior to TFS 2010 that system consisted of SOAP and SMTP events.  For SOAP events, you need to create your own Web Service, then subscribe it to a TFS event using BisSubscribe.exe. 

TFS 2010 introduced a new concept with Server-side event handlers, which use a Plug-in model that allows custom code to execute upon a TFS event, and run under the TFS context.  So the two big advantages here is that you no longer have to deploy a separate SOAP-based web service, and since you are running under the TFS context, you have direct access to the TFS API with much less hops across different processes. 

The solution consists of a .NET Class that implements the Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Framework.Server. ISubscriber interface:

public interface ISubscriber
    string Name { get; }
    SubscriberPriority Priority { get; }

    EventNotificationStatus ProcessEvent(TeamFoundationRequestContext requestContext, NotificationType notificationType, object notificationEventArgs, out int statusCode, out string statusMessage, out ExceptionPropertyCollection properties);
    Type[] SubscribedTypes();

You implement your custom logic on the ProcessEvent method.  The SubscribedTypes property is used to notify TFS what events you are subscribed to, this is an array so your code can respond to multiple events.  Here is a good list with all available events:

The notificationEventArgs parameter contains contextual information about what raised the event.  When responding to a Work Item-related event such as WorkItemChangedEvent, the EventArgs contain Core information about the Work Item, including the full list of changed fields.  When responding to a Source Control event such as CheckinNotification, you get access to the ChangeSet.  If additional information is required the TFS API can be used to gather this data.

All logging should be done through the TeamFoundationApplication class, which has “Log” and “LogException” methods. This is important as it will use the TFS context to log information and use the same logging verbosity that is set for the TFS process.  So I would avoid using EventLog.WriteEntry() as your messages wouldn’t be logged as coming from TFS.

The code:  This shows a sample implementation of code responding to a Check-in event:


namespace Sample.SourceControl.Server.PlugIns
    public class CodeCheckInEventHandler : ISubscriber
        public string Name
            get { return "CodeCheckInEventHandler"; }

        public SubscriberPriority Priority
            get { return SubscriberPriority.Normal; }

        public EventNotificationStatus ProcessEvent(TeamFoundationRequestContext requestContext, NotificationType notificationType, object notificationEventArgs, out int statusCode, out string statusMessage, out Microsoft.TeamFoundation.Common.ExceptionPropertyCollection properties)
            statusCode = 0;
            properties = null;
            statusMessage = String.Empty;
                if (notificationType == NotificationType.Notification && notificationEventArgs is WorkItemChangedEvent)
                    CheckinNotification ev = notificationEventArgs as CheckinNotification;
                    TeamFoundationApplication.Log(string.Format("New Changeset was checked in by {0}. ID: {1}, comments: {2}", ev.ChangesetOwnerName, ev.Changeset, ev.Comment), 123, System.Diagnostics.EventLogEntryType.Information);
            catch (Exception ex)
                TeamFoundationApplication.LogException("Sample.SourceControl.Server.PlugIns.CodeCheckInEventHandler encountered an exception", ex);
            return EventNotificationStatus.ActionPermitted;

        public Type[] SubscribedTypes()
            return new Type[1] { typeof(CheckinNotification) };

Deploying your assemblies is really straight forward, you just have to copy them to “%Program Files%\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Application Tier\Web Services\bin\Plugins” on your TFS Server.  As soon as you deploy the assemblies there, your Application Tier web application will restart and your plugin code will start getting called, so use caution and ideally deploy this to a local copy of TFS of a Test environment first.

Interested in learning more about TFS Customization?  Checkout my Pluralsight course on Team Foundation Server Customization.

5,253 thoughts on “TFS Server-side event handlers

  1. Robert Dresler

    A nice example. Thanks.

  2. Schaff

    One note: In my experience if you add ANYTHING to the constructor of the plugin it will cause TFS to hang.

    I used a service side plug in for my TFS Aggregator project (on CodePlex). When I added a constructor everything stopped working.

    (This is just a word of warning to those who use server side plugins.)

  3. Bill

    I was able to successfully record all the CheckinNotification properties to a file when a checkin was performed on TFS via my custom plugin. (thanks)
    Currently I want to know the project name of the checkin. I currently preface the comment with the project name, but I am looking for an automatic way of retrieving this information.
    If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
    Have a great day!

  4. Vicenç García

    Thank you very much for the example.

    Is it possible to debug this event handler? Do I have to attach to TFS process or is there another way to do that?


    1. esteban

      The only way to debug this is to attach to the TFS process. Since I run TFS locally then it’s pretty straight forward. If you don’t have access to a local version of TFS then you can do remote debugging which works well.

  5. tom

    nice example!
    have you tried it with TFS2012? it seems there are some changes in TFS libs(?)

    1. esteban

      Yes, I’ve tried this with TFS 2012 and did notice some minor changes. If you are on Pluralsight, you can checkout my course: TFS 2012 Customization where I include information on this.
      I will try to revise the sample here to target 2012.

      1. David V. Corbin

        Friendly reminder to (possibly) update this for people who do not have Pluralsight…

  6. ernesto

    hi i thanks for your post, is really awesome. I need to build a solution like this, i write a class that implement the ISuscriber interface and i redefine all functions like this example. But i need to know how i can debug my code, for example: i make a CheckIn to tfs and when in my class is invoked my ProcessEvent function i want to debug this function( F10, F11 options).
    I need to suscribe to the CheckIn event of tfs. the solution not show errors but i do not see the log entry. i have a tfs server installed in my pc.

  7. Ralph Hanan

    Hi Gents, Please can you assist. I am using VS 2013 with TFS 2013. I have a server side plugin which worked fine under 2012 but since upgrading has stopped. The WorkItemChangedEvent has disappeared.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated


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