TFS 2010 Dashboards with SharePoint 2010 (MOSS)

By default, TFS 2010 installs with SharePoint Services 3.0.  This gives you basic dashboards and reporting.  In order to take full advantage of what TFS 2010 provides, you should integrate it with SharePoint 2010 (aka MOSS).  This is what you get when you add that integration:

SharePoint 2010 introduces 5 new dashboards that were not available in previous versions of SharePoint: Burndown, Quality, Bugs, Test, and Build:


Previous versions of SharePoint only had “My Dashboard” and “Project Dashboard”:


Burndown Dashboard

Displays critical information to help you track progress toward completing an iteration.  For more information:

Quality Dashboard

Brings together metrics from across your project to ensure that quality is being achieved in all areas.  For more information:

Bugs Dashboard

Gives you an overview of the team’s progress toward finding and fixing bugs. For more information:

Test Dashboard

Gives you an overview of the team’s progress toward finding and fixing bugs.  For more information:

Build Dashboard

Helps you monitor and measure how builds are progressing.  For more information:


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2 thoughts on “Inserting Work Items using the TFS WorkItemServer Service

  1. Enrique

    Hello Esteban,

    I found this article while trying to insert a comment to a work item using the TFS API. So does the InsertWorkItem package have an UpdateWorkItem package that allows me to enter a comment like “Release MA-322 installed work item on 1/1/2012.” I need this to link when a TASK/Sprint/Bug was actually installed on a production web site.


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