Get-AzureWebsite: Requested value ‘VS2015’ was not found.

I was working with Azure PowerShell and suddenly I started getting an error of “‘VS2015’ was not found” every time I ran Get-AzureWebsite for one of my sites.  All of my other sites were fine.

I did some searching and I found a couple of blog posts that pointed me to remote debugging being on.  I turned it off but I was still getting the error.  After much fumbling around, I went back to Remote debugging, and turned it on, but for Remote Visual Studio version of 2013. And my PowerShell started working again!


I was then able to turn it off again and my script was still working. I assume that my site got stuck in a weird state, but toggling this setting made it all work again.

Remote debugging will stay enabled for 48 hours if you don’t turn it off.

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