Business Agility presentation at @AgileOrlando

Last Thursday, I gave a presentation at Agile Orlando.  The talk focused on the journey taken by Nebbia Technology so far, growing into a sustainable software company while using Agile practices. 

I’m used to putting together more technical talks, so this was a bit challenging to prepare but it was great to look back and have a good retrospective on where we’ve been, where we are going, and the things that we need to care about.  Also, are we actually doing the things that we say that we should be doing?  The talk went really well, there were a lot of questions and collaboration throughout the presentation.  I really enjoy engaging the group in conversation, so it was great to learn from the people that came to the meeting. 

Thank you so much to Lakshmi and Ken for inviting me to speak! If you haven’t checked out Agile Orlando, make sure you attend one of the many Lean Coffee meetups or their monthly evening meetups.  It is a great group!

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