Announcing Orlando DevOps Meetup

A few months ago, I created the Orlando DevOps Meetup group.  This is a group for anyone interested in DevOps practices, including build automation, continuous deployment, Cloud enablement, load testing, software quality, infrastructure as code, developer collaboration, Agile software development practices, and more. We’ve had a good number of people sign up for the group […]

Azure DevTest Labs

As you and your team start using Azure to support your DevOps initiatives, you may find yourself looking for a way to control costs and provide your team a way to easily create, start/stop, and tear-down environments.  This is where DevTest Labs come in. As your teams go through and complete their iterations, we’ve proven […]

Azure SQL Database Advisor

If you are using Azure SQL Databases (PaaS), over time, your database may need to be tuned to account for how your application accesses data.  Azure has a feature called SQL Database Advisor, which will make suggestions on changes that can be applied to help your database perform better.   Azure SQL Database Advisor provides guidance […]