Nebbia acquired by New Signature

I’m excited to announce that my company, Nebbia Technology was acquired by New Signature and I am joining the company as Senior Vice President of Azure and DevOps! You can read the full press release here: During the summer of 2014, I decided to start Nebbia Technology.  As I stated on my announcement blog […]

Defining a DevOps Culture

What do people mean when they tell you that you should have a DevOps culture to succeed with DevOps?  Isn’t DevOps just about the tools and automation?   I discuss DevOps culture on Nebbia’s blog. How do you define DevOps culture?  Have you achieved getting your entire organization involved with your DevOps transformation?

Announcing: Nebbia Technology

Earlier in the week I talked about starting a new adventure. I started a new technology company called Nebbia Technology.  Nebbia Technology is a software company that specializes in Azure-based solutions and Application Lifecycle Management best practices.  I am putting together a team of top software professionals so we can build an awesome company here […]