Azure SQL Database Advisor

If you are using Azure SQL Databases (PaaS), over time, your database may need to be tuned to account for how your application accesses data.  Azure has a feature called SQL Database Advisor, which will make suggestions on changes that can be applied to help your database perform better.   Azure SQL Database Advisor provides guidance […]

TFS Reports – Tfs_Warehouse database

When TFS 2010 was released, the TFS database structure was changed to accommodate the new concept of Collections.  They also changed the warehouse database – the place where data from project collections is gathered (and optimized for reporting).   That database houses the data the will later be processed into the Analysis Services cube.  If you […]

ONETUG Stuff for the next few weeks

Virtual Brown Bag – October 7th We are hosting Entity Framework super-expert Julie Lerman tomorrow Thursday at noon via LiveMeeting. Register: NerdDinner – October 7th Join us at Milennia Mall at 7 pm on Thursday to talk about the Virtual Brown Bag. Also, if you have any Windows Phone 7 apps that you are […]