Presenting at the 2012 Launch Event – Miami

Tomorrow I will be presenting at a 2012 Launch Event: The New Era of Work in Miami Beach: I will be giving a talk titled “Elevate Quality: Moving from Quality Assurance to Quality Enablement” and I will show Storyboards, Sprint Planning, Code Reviews, Unit Testing, Microsoft Test Manager (Exploratory Testing, Manual Tests, Coded UI […]

Tampa Code Camp

I’ll be speaking at Tampa Code Camp tomorrow (October 13th).  I have two sessions: 1:15: A Lap Around TFS 2012 Backlog, Sprint Planning, Task Board, Code Review, My Work, Suspend, Feedback management, Exploratory Testing, Storyboards, and the list goes on. We’ll explore the new features of TFS 2012 that will help you become more productive […]

ALM Rangers – Some information and resources

I’m often asked about what it means to be part of the ALM Rangers and what type of work we are involved with.  Follow this link for a great way to describe it.  An abstract of what we do (copied directly from The ALM Rangers are focused primarily on the delivery of out-of-band tooling […]