ITPro Camp–Managing TFS

Last Saturday, I did a presentation on “Managing Team Foundation Server 2010” at ITPro Camp – Orlando. It was a great event and it’s awesome to see more and more community events popping up throughout the state. Thanks to everyone that came to my talk and for all the great questions. Here are my slides: […]

TFS Server-side event handlers

TFS has had an event system since it’s first version, but prior to TFS 2010 that system consisted of SOAP and SMTP events.  For SOAP events, you need to create your own Web Service, then subscribe it to a TFS event using BisSubscribe.exe.  TFS 2010 introduced a new concept with Server-side event handlers, which use […]

TFS API: Accessing build definition values programmatically

I’m working on some build customization and I needed to be able to access parameter values from my build definition programmatically.  It turned out to be pretty easy once I knew where to look: We start off by connecting to TFS and then to the Build Service: TfsTeamProjectCollection server = new TfsTeamProjectCollection(new Uri(“http://myTFS:8080/tfs”)); server.EnsureAuthenticated(); IBuildServer […]