New Year–New Blog

I’ve been putting off doing this for a while, but I finally moved my blog to a permanent location.  Starting today, you will find my blog at instead of  All previous content has been migrated to its new location and the old site (and posts) redirect to here. The site is hosted on […]

TFS: “Assigned To” Dropdown

Both the MSF Agile and Scrum for Team System templates define the “Assigned To” list (“System.AssignedTo”) as:    The problem with that is that the list displays every user in your domain.  I wanted to change that behavior since not every user in the domain uses TFS, plus we had some service accounts that didn’t […]

ONETUG Oslo Presentation

I presented an intro-level presentation on “Oslo” last night at ONETUG.  The presentation went pretty well and it seemed that people left the meeting with a pretty good understanding about the technology and what it can do and what it means for the future of software development.  Here are the slides and code samples.  I […]