Generics – Default value

I had forgotten about this for some reason and today I needed to use it so in case anyone ever needs to set a generic value to its default, it’s pretty simple: private T MyGenericMethod(string someValue) { T _ValueToCompute = default(T); . . . return _ValueToCompute; } You can’t just set it to null since […]

Meshing my OneNote

           +                       =    I’ve meant to give Live Mesh a try for a while, but the real need never came up until now.  Last week I finally decided that it was time to get a new PC since I had been using my laptop as my only means of writing code for over a […]

Ordering with LINQ

In the old days (last year), if you were a front-end ASP.NET developer and you needed to present a drop-down list with sorted items, you would check the data that the person that wrote the business layer method and if it came to you unsorted, you would first curse that person, and then either mess […]


We started M2E Solutions back in February and immediately signed up for Microsoft’s partner program.  We’ve been making strides towards becoming a Certified Partner (and later on Gold Partner), and last week we reached that goal!   We were in the process of signing up for the Empower Program, which is a really good program for […]


So even though I usually like to think of myself as someone that is “in the know” of the latest and greatest technologies, lately I’ve been too busy to experiment with newer stuff. So about a month ago I decided to embark on a LINQ learning path, trying to learn as much about it as […]

Be Like Mike(y)

My name is Esteban Garcia, I am a part-owner and principal consultant for a software company called M2E Solutions. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner based out of Orlando, FL and we focus mostly on custom application development using Microsoft technologies. Most of my posts will have something to do with the .NET framework. I’ve […]