Nebbia Technology – VSTS Build Webcast

On Thursday, May 19th, at Noon (Eastern), I will be presenting a Webcast: Build Automation & Continuous Integration with VSTS.  This is Nebbia’s third Webcast in our Azure DevOps Series.   This Webinar will show you how to create and manage build processes that automatically compile and test your applications.  These builds can be triggered […]

VSTS Build: What branch am I building?

If you need to know the branch that you are running your build against, you can use Build.SourceBranchName Environment variable. As described here: The name of the branch the build was queued for. For Git this is the last path segment in the ref. For example inrefs/heads/masterthe name ismaster. For TFVC this will last […]

VSO Sprints–Sprint 91

Last week I joined Vinicius Moura and Ricardo Serradas on their VSOSprints show that is published on YouTube.  For every VSTS release, they create a new video showcasing the features that were enabled.  This show covers the November 18th Release.  We talk about Extensions, Release Management, Test results in build, the new exploratory testing extension, […]

Connect(); 2015

Yesterday, Microsoft held their Connect(); event.  They had some major announcements around the product formerly known as Visual Studio Online, Azure, and more.  This is a list of some of the things that were covered: Visual Studio Team Services is born!  For those of you that have been using the cloud version of TFS, you […]